Notables: George “Paul” Medina, Randy Coffey, Pete Hamill, Rick Stoughton, Jason Walker, Mike Wade

Notables: George “Paul” Medina, Randy Coffey, Pete Hamill, Rick Stoughton, Jason Walker, Mike Wade

Special by way of Susquehanna elder Vice president Dan Halyburton to own providing me personally with a duplicate of your own publication, “Susquehanna Broadcast: The initial 50 Many years,” and this provided if not unfindable remedies for the annals off blog post-McLendon KLIF and you will Susquehanna’s visibility in the DFW business. KKWM, Dallas. Telephone call letters situated 1/9/1990. Format: Light Stone. Owner: Anchor Mass media. Nickname: ” W ar meters 97. Broadcasted Dallas Sidekicks baseball game. Find KKWM-FM for personalities. AIRCHECK Offered . KLDD, Dallas. Name characters centered step one/. Format: Oldies (1/-,) Light Stone (-1/9/1990. Sis channel so you can KZEW-FM. Broadcasted Plano high school activities game. KLDD would be to are particularly DFW’s very first the-football channel during the step 1/1990 whenever aunt KZEW’s format changed; however, management felt like if not.

Route chosen the fresh KLDD telephone call emails towards the brand new simulcasted “Warm” format up until step one/9/1990 (this new brief judge ID was a mouthful. KRQX, Dallas. Name letters based seven/2/1983. Format: Oldies/Vintage Material. Very first In the morning station from inside the DFW so you can shown in Are Stereo (C-QUAM. Nickname: “K-Rocks. Programs: “Week-end Organization Program” (1985-87; syndicated as “Organization Deluxe” due to the fact 1988,) “Midnight Performance Collection. Notables: George Gimarc (audio director and you will a master of one’s classic stone style,) Steve Anderson, Bob Corbell aka Mike Route, Jay Hoker, Dave Johnson (organized “Weekend Blues System,”) Stan Atkins, Randy Coffey, “Crazy” Dave Otto, Art Reilly, Glenn Mitchell (while the fill-in host to have “Week-end Organization System,”) Libby Zabriskie, John Elliott. Into the an interesting campaign, this new channel greet in itself to get “hijacked” of the tune, “Louie Louie,” it starred during the a continuous marathon to have a sunday.

WFAA, Dallas-Fort Value. Label letters dependent six/ at the 833 kc (other present say 750 kc,) relocated to 630 kc with the 5/, moved to 600 kc to your 4/, transferred to 550 kc into , moved to 800 kc towards 5/ (shared with WBAP, and you may resided just with the 800 to help you 1939,) transferred to 600 kc about later 1930s, moved and you will matched with KGKO on 570 kc with the 5/1/1938 (WBAP’s Amon Carter bought KGKO into the 1938 as the the next frequency to have WBAP and WFAA to express; Carter ended up selling 1 / 2 of they in order to WFAA toward 7/ having $250,one hundred thousand,) went that have WBAP so you can 820 kc on step three/ (the federal swinging time having clear-channel station this is why of one’s Pact from Havana. Supplied dual-town licenses with the 2/. Format: Assortment, Middle of the road (4/-?

KZEW, Dallas-Fort Value, KLDD-Am Dallas-Fort Well worth

Owner: An excellent. H. Belo (Alfred Horatio Belo) Broadcasting. Telephone call emails stood getting ” W orking F or A great ll A like,” and get listed because the ” W orld’s F inest A good ir Good ttraction. Modern personalities towards route was basically drawn off columnists and you will editors on sis “Dallas Morning Development.

Programs: “Early Birds” (debuted 3/; managed because of the John Allen that have activities from the Lynn Hoyt, Katy Prince, Frances Beasley, Terry Lea, Louise Mackey and Dale Evans [sure, The newest Dale Evans!

Pre-Roy Rogers, she try hitched so you can piano-player Honest Butts]), “Hymns We love” (first started during the 1952 and you will transferred to KAAM-1310 age afterwards,) “Remarkable Times during the Texas History,” “Cadenza” (1940s,) “Broadcast Frolics” (later 1940s; managed from the Norvell Slater and Dorothy Bell,) “Midnight Nostalgia” (1/-4/7/1974,) “57 Nostalgia Set” (4/-,) “Reuben’s Record Area,” “Farm Declaration,” “Melodic Traditions,” “Concerned” (audience-contribution let you know, first started ,) “Tunes Team Line,” “Hogan’s Hallway of Attacks,” “Brand new Ted Cassidy Let you know,” “About the news headlines” (1950-1960,) “Ed Busch Reveal,” “Guy Around the home,” “Saturday-night Shindig” (began 1944,) “Texans-Why don’t we Cam Texas Hours,” “Test regarding A couple of Towns and cities,” “Plant Jepko Nitecap Reveal” (syndicated,) “Hotline,” “Carnival of Songs,” “Sports Scoreboard,” “Activities Opinion” (first started 7/5/1948,) “Team News,” “Hackberry Lodge” (offering “Deceive Berry,” and you may “Little Willie,” starred from the Ben McClesky,” “Saturday-night Shindig,” “Mrs. Tucker’s Look” (first started 1934,) “Big D Jamboree” (began as “Solitary Superstar Barndance” and “Solitary Star Jamboree;” afterwards gone to live in KRLD,) “Tourist and you may Mobile,” “Murphy Martin Commentary,” “Saturday night Shindig,” “570 Pub,” “Clare Lou and you may Meters,” “Slo-n-Ezy” (an enthusiastic “Amos-n-Andy scam,) “Murray Cox RFD.” Channel rings: This new Plainsmen Quartet, New Pepper Uppers Orchestra, Step-ladder while the Saddle Tramps, Rangers Quartet, Cass County Boys/Cass State Kids, Bel Canto Quartet, Sandman Troops, Bumblebees Threesome, Jimmie Jeffries, Elmer Bockman, Ben McClusty, Deceive and you may Willie, Peg “Pegleg” Moreland (men singer labeled as “Queen of your own Nothing Ditty.”)

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