People discuss this new diversity that’s European countries from the perspectives of females and you may sexual and you will ethnic/racial minorities

People discuss this new diversity that’s European countries from the perspectives of females and you may sexual and you will ethnic/racial minorities

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Carleton College’s Ladies’ and Sex Studies from inside the Europe (WGSE) system centers on ladies’, feminist, and you can LGBTQ+ activities across the Western and you may Eastern-Central European countries. Players data feminist and you can queer concept, cross-cultural feminist methods, and you can European situated feminisms and you may conduct independent research projects whilst travelling on Netherlands (Utrecht and you may Amsterdam), Germany (Berlin), this new Czech Republic (Prague and you can Olomouc), and you may Poland (Krakow).

System Shows

  • Examining WGS products from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and you may Czech Republic relatively.
  • Moving past Western frameworks and you will learning about intercourse regimes and you may records of ladies emancipation about former Eastern Western european bloc.
  • Design and you can carrying out independent research towards an individualized matter within the newest WGS career. Separate Beginner Projects have a tendency to blend when you look at the-people and remote interviews and you can browse.
  • Immediately and you can unmarried-time investigation tours reflecting samples of Sweden’s way of gender procedures.

Among the dominating requirements of your system is a relative exploration out-of European countries with its heterogeneity. The new program’s attract is on taking the margins on the cardiovascular system. College students understand the new historic and you can today’s feel of your citizens out-of Jewish, Afro-German, and Turkish backgrounds for the Germany, regarding fight of your Roma women in Poland, plus the recent changes to help you Swedish immigration rules that have reduced how many immigrants and you will refugees. These information are handled each other thanks to scholarly query and you will founded empirical experience about semester, framed by way of our talks from post-colonial, feminist, and you can queer ideas.

So what does it indicate to locate you to some requirements of feminist next trend, such as reproductive legal rights, option of degree for females, or equivalent job opportunities, was in fact debated and reached into the most of the former Eastern bloc as part and you can lot of your own socialist philosophy?

How does the story of LGBTQ+ activism unfold during the a social context in which homosexuality and you will trans*sexuality was indeed talked about from inside the a health/sexological framework up until very has just?

Such information is actually presented as a consequence of the talks out-of article-colonial, feminist and you can queer concepts, and therefore are explored by way of students’ mind-customized profession search.

System Framework

Following a direction towards the program, WGSE players start a relative examination of Women’s and you will Sex Degree information and things into the Utrecht/Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and you will Krakow. Youngsters become one on one with best concepts in the WGS and you can have the opportunity to test the knowledge whenever you are focusing on their separate studies. Users attend lectures and take meetings with Movie director Iveta Jusova, PhD, together with with NGOs, music artists, activists, and you can professors out-of affiliated Eu colleges, in addition to Utrecht School, Humboldt College, Charles University, and you will Jagiellonian University.

Whilst in Poland, the group check outs this new Auschwitz-Birkenau quantity go camping. Week-end excursions get students toward Texel Area (Netherlands), the brand new Crappy Saarow thermal nutrient day spa (Germany), in order to Olomouc and you will Javoricske caverns during the Moravia (brand new Czech Republic).

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